Electronic chamber ensemble improvising spacemusic.
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Event Horizon (CD on Electro-Music Media/Fox's Den Records)

This CD from 2011 features 44 minutes of atmospheric electronic music.

Twyndyllyngs is Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox.

Droney electronics conspire with conventional guitar to produce spacey tuneage.

The electronics are rather minimal, primarily textures with subtle additional effects meandering throughout the songs. These additional sounds range from ascending pitches to complimentary tonalities meshing with the foundational electronics to augment the harmonic flow.

The guitar restrains itself to rather conventional expressions: plucking, mild strumming, a few instances of astral sustains. In this manner, the instrument contributes but never in a fashion that overwhelms the overall calm. Toward the end of the album, though, the guitar engages in some luscious squealing effects that can be considered as a subdued form of space guitar.

Cello and strings (possibly synthetic) play vital parts throughout the music, lending a cerebral orchestral flair to the soundscapes.

Vocodered voice appears at one point and is subjected to extreme treatments, resulting in very unnatural utterances. The strings are in soft form during this passage.

These compositions tend to be rather minimal, harmonics bordering on melodic structures, mainly pursuing auralscapes of a dreamy atmospheric nature.

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Horgon Fantasy (DDL EP on Twyndyllyngs Music)

This release from 2014 features 30 minutes of mellow electronic music recorded live at Electro-Music on September 6, 2014.

Twyndyllyngs is: Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz.

Delicate electronics produce tuneage of an ambient nature.

Track one begins with a tracery of texturals that set a pacific mood for delicate keyboards which perpetuate the calm and usher in a selection of high-end pulsations. Some synthetic strings embellish the slowburning electronics, further defining the tune's somber temperament. Some additional keys offer a selection of sparkling chords that fail to liven things beyond the already-established serious outlook.

The next song furthers this attitude of sonic sobriety with lacey atmospheric tones in conjunction with softly whispering electronics. This ambient motif soon spawns some more substantial activity, as the keys grow spry and explore a mounting melody, supported by auxiliary electronics pretending to be space guitar. The elements congeal to produce a bouncy tune with retro influences. As things progress, the pace briefly quickens and the notes swell to a more demonstrative posture, generating a smoldering composition that combines twinkling keys with an astral riff...before everything sinks back into a gentle flow of faux strings and shimmering tonalities. A degree of tension is introduced as the factors churn in a region between ambience and oomph, uncertain which mode to take. The music seems determined to resist any urges to erupt, preferring to languish in a mellow zone of anticipation.

Track three is a bonus piece, and it continues to explore the sonic template of ethereal threads seasoned by lightly piercing notes, creating a lingering feeling of solitude lost in the mists.
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Twyndyllyngs is an electronic music duo made up of Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz. Both are from the Allentown area of Pennsylvania and a big part of the Electro-Music online community. While each is a performer in a diversity of musical groups, their music together as Twyndyllyngs is quite distinctive. After years of playing together, Moscovitz and Fox have developed the ability to realize novel timbral based works in the live concert setting through a highly improvisational and intuitive process. Each performance is unique, with the arising pieces the result of a deep sonic exploration between the two.

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